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Why Christian Marriage Counsellors are Better than Secular Counsellors

The fact that most marriages today are on the verge of breaking due to marital challenges cannot be denied. The issues that are prevalent for most marriages include the issues of infidelity, external interferences from friends and families, misunderstanding due to misuse of family funds et cetera et cetera. For marriages riddled with any of these issues, the only hope for them is usually the professional marriage counselors.

Notwithstanding the fact that marriage counselors may prove to be of help in many instances, it should be noted that only a few of the counselors can be able to satisfactorily bring healing to a breaking marriage relationship. Over and above the ordinary marriage counsellors, there are Christian marriage counsellors who have the necessary skills to do the reconciliation work for marriages on the rocks. There are several things you stand to benefit from when you have the Christian counselors handle your marriage problems.

First, Christian marriage counselors are trained just like the normal professional counselors. However, besides the scholarly knowledge, Christian counselors have a divine calling on their lives. This divine calling upon them accords them the grace required to handle as diverse marriage disputes as possible. Owing to this fact therefore, they have the prowess to discern the root cause of your marriage disputes and therefore are able to diagnose a long lasting solution for your marriage.

Christian marriage counselors also help marriages through spiritual intervention. Through prayers such as marriage restoration prayers, the counselors make it possible for the partners to continue enjoying their relationship. The prayers offered have the potential of changing virtually any struggle owing to the fact that they bring the great God to the scene. If indeed this Deity had the power to speak the world into being, ex nihilo, why should it be considered incredible that He can actually heal a marriage that is on the verge of breaking?

Lastly, a Christian marriage counselor is above all else interested in fulfilling their divine duty. For this class of counselors, they choose to go out of their way to do everything humanly possible to restore your marriage relationship. For the normal counsellors, such kind of zeal may be lacking on their part and this means that the much help you can get from them may be just normal and may not have the potency to heal your marriage. The Christian counsellors also do all they can to obey their calling in strict adherence to the set rules of counselling and the dictates of christianity. All these benefits are not attainable when you go to an ordinary marriage counsellor.

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