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What Other Uses the Whizzinator Has

Synthetic urine is what you are getting when you will be using the Whizzinator. If you examine further the Whizzinator, you will notice that it is not only water but is water that is being mixed together with inorganic and organic substances with the likes of urea, chloride, creatinine, phosphate, and sulfates. It is in the laboratory that you will be able to find a wide use or applications for such a synthetic urine. Though synthetic urine is like real human urine when it comes to its physical and chemical properties, you will notice that the only difference will have to be synthetic urine not having any kind of waste that you can usually find in human urine. Basically, this means that for purposes that cannot afford being threatened by infectious and hygiene diseases, then it is best that synthetic urine will be used. Below are some of the many purposes of the Whizzinator and synthetic urine that you might not know of.

Equipment calibration: Synthetic urine is needed when gadgets used for urine testing needs to be calibrated in the best possible way. It is a big no-no to make use of real urine as they will have varying concentrations and compositions due to various factors that are never found in synthetic urine.

Education: For some health care professionals working in the lab, they need to be experts in conducting several clinical testing methods such as urinalysis and hence the need for synthetic urine to help them practice these methods. You can also make use of synthetic urine for some scientific reasons that will be of benefit to the general public.

Another commonly used purpose of synthetic urine will have to revolve around testing diapers. It will be hard to collect real baby urine to test out diapers and so synthetic urine can serve its purpose of testing the quality of diapers. Using synthetic urine can help you in being able to assess better if the diaper that you are making will really serve its benefit to those who are in need of them.

Another use of synthetic urine is checking out how effective cleaning agents are. What you need to know about using synthetic urine is the fact that they are great at letting people show other people that what they are selling are effective cleaning agents even when it comes to cleaning urine. Some of the most common cleaning agents that can benefit from using synthetic urine includes furniture and carpet cleaning agents.

And last, the number one purpose for having the Whizzinator will be acing your drug tests. Both females and males can use their very own Whizzinator to pass any drug test. When you will be using the Whizzinator to have the drug test, the urine that will go through the sample is synthetic so you are assured that you cannot find any drug traces in it.

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