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How to Select the Best Floor Mat for Your Facility

Before you start shopping for a floor mat for your facility, there are some crucial factors that you need to consider so that you can make an informed buying decision. Below are some important factors to consider when you are choosing a commercial floor mat.

First, you need to consider your matting needs before you start your selection for the best commercial floor mat. There is an array of mats intended for different purposes and knowing why you need the mat will enable you to identify the one that meets your requirements.

The floor mats may come in styles including anti-fatigue, scraper, and wiper as well as custom logo mats. Floor mats such as anti-fatigue are designed to protect employees and customers by giving them comfort when they stand for long periods. You may also consider a custom floor mat if you want to put up your business logo as part of marketing for your company. Scraping and wiping mats are ideal for entryways as they are made with edging in order to trap mud, dirt and water and keep your flooring system safe. Apart from water-resistant floor mats, there are also those that are made to resist grease which may lead to an inadequate performance by your employees.

Location and placement of the floor mat are other considerations that you need to contemplate. Each style of floor mat is designed to be placed either indoor, outdoor or at the entryway. Scraping mats and custom logo mats are mostly placed outside the building or on the entryways.

Before you purchase a floor mat for your facility, it is important to consider its size. Therefore, before you go shopping, make sure you get the accurate measurement of the space where you are going to place the mat in order to make your selection easier. If you are expecting high traffic, do for a larger size mat so that it can hold up more moisture and debris. However, for larger mat, you may need to customize it to meet your specific size requirement.

When choosing a commercial floor mat for your company, you need to consider its durability before you make your purchase. A good mat will be useful for years even in conditions of high foot traffic. Besides, it should easy to maintain because cleaning increases the longevity of floor mats.

Finally, determine your budget and choose a floor mat that falls within that range. However, it should not be your only determining factor as it will have an impact on the style, size and material of the floor mat you choose.

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