Ways to Compare Foam Mattresses

Since foam mattresses have been introduced, they are gaining popularity. That means there are countless models on the market. The quality ranges from cheap and flimsy to expensive and luxurious, with several options in between those extremes. Comparing brands, technology, and features can be difficult.


Some are only sold online, while others are available only at manufacturer outlets. There are still others that are available at authorized retailers. Furniture stores may have one or two different brands and types, but that will not be enough for a comparison.

Reviews found on retail websites will only be the positive ones. Independent review sites will have more objective comments, but may not include a wide range of brands. There are some websites that are dedicated to providing mattress guides, offer reviews, and will compare all types of beds to give people an idea of what may be right for them. Interested buyers can take a look at this site to begin the process.

Speak to Owners

Ask family members, friends, or coworkers who have foam mattresses to describe the experience of sleeping one. Find out if they would recommend that type of mattress to friends. Discover what they like about it and what they do not like about it. Be sure to ask how long they have had the mattresses to determine if that brand is durable and sturdy.

Write down the brand, model, and size and include notes about what information is passed on. That will keep the comments and brands from getting jumbled up in your memory. Research the ones that sound promising. Take note of any unique features or patented technology if applicable.

Firmness Levels

Most foam mattresses are available in three different levels of firmness. Light, moderate, and firm support are common terms to identify each mattress. The majority of sleepers prefer the middle range of support. Due to that statistic, newer manufacturers are focusing on materials and design and offering only one level of firmness.

Those who are not sure what support they need or prefer will want to physically experience as many mattresses as possible to discover which is the most comfortable. Mattresses will come with a trial period in case the wrong firmness is ordered. If a manufacturer does not offer one, find another manufacturer.