Are Murals Right For A Home Or Business?

When homeowners, business people, or designers are planning a design project, They must decide what to do with large expanses of walls. Walls can be a neutral backdrop for art and free standing storage units. A wall can also become the focal point of a room or area in a building. A mural can be ordered from standard designs from companies such as wallpaperink, or they can be custom printed with a customer’s design or photograph.

Where Can Murals Be Installed?

Since the mural supplier sells murals made to measure, many walls will work. The main requirements for installing a mural on a wall include a smooth unbroken wall or area of a larger wall. The wall chosen for a mural should be one that has no doors or windows in the mural area. It should be a wall that will serve well as a focal point for the room. This should be a wall that will not need to have tall furniture in front of it or artwork hanging on it. The mural will take up the whole space and must not be cluttered.

The wall behind a bed will work with a clean style low headboard and simple night stands. An entry wall opposite the entry door may be a good choice. In general, any wall that can serve as a large piece of artwork can work.

Choosing The Right Mural

Since there are literally millions of mural choices in today’s wallpaper market, everyone can find the perfect mural. It might take a little looking. Limit the mural choice to one category before beginning the serious looking. Murals are grouped by categories such as cityscapes, Disney movies and characters, world maps, forest murals, New York scenes, sunsets and beaches, abstract designs, black and white scenes, and more. Then, there are underwater scenes, sports scenes, cityscapes from around the world, and more.

Next, narrow down the murals by color scheme. If the mural is going into a room with existing decor, the mural should coordinate with that. What mood should the mural fall into? Bedroom murals should be calming, Office murals should be inspiring, and family or play room murals should be exciting and energizing. The purchaser may want to set a mood in a specific room and look for a mural that will help do that.

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