Complete the Look of Your Home With Soft Furnishings

Interior design wouldn’t be complete without the use of soft furnishings. It’s these special touches that add colour and warmth to a room, making a home feel lived in and inviting. These furnishings also help to absorb noise and make a large room feel more intimate. Even in a monochromatic room, the materials used for pillows, draperies, rugs, and linens can affect how a person feels when they enter that room. An all white room may not appear inviting from the outside, but add soft flowing curtains, cushion pillows with different textures, and a shaggy rug and the room goes from sterile white to an inviting, calming atmosphere.

What Exactly Are Soft Furnishings?

When an interior designer refers to soft furnishings, they’re talking about anything used to decorate the home that includes material. This can be pillows, blankets, rugs, table runners, linens, towels, furniture covers, and draperies. It’s these touches that provide a home with ambiance and atmosphere. A room without any textile decorations can appear stark and uninviting. Add a few items in the room made from soft materials and the whole vibe of the room changes.

These furnishings function as the glue that pulls a home’s look together. Large pieces of furniture, flooring, and wall coverings go in first when decorating. It’s after all of the big stuff is done that you can look around and think how can I pull this together? You’ll probably find that you want to add rugs, pillows, and drapes to your main rooms and buy matching towels and linens for bedrooms and bathrooms. Although these furnishing are often the last things included, they’re ultimately the most important.

How to Choose the Best Type of Textile Furnishings

Your home should reflect your personality and style. When choosing materials for your home, pick colours and styles that represent you and meshes well with the other d├ęcor. Choose the most luxurious fabrics you can fit into your budget, as you want the pillows, curtains, and any other linens to provide warmth and comfort.

Play around with different textures and sizes. Pick out a couple of oversized pillows and complement them with smaller throw pillows. If you’re decorating with vintage furniture, add a modern touch with a throw or area carpet. The bedrooms are just as important as the main areas of the house, so make sure you choose sheets with a high thread count to give you that soft, relaxing feel you want when you head off to sleep. Towels should be plush and absorb quickly without becoming soggy.

You can also use soft furnishings to add a new look to an old room. By simply changing the tie backs on a set of curtains or adding a colourful throw rug under the coffee table, you can quickly redecorate and not break your budget. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that when you walk into your home you can relax and unwind in any room of your house.