Probate Homes for Sale – Pros and Cons

Probate homes for sale are generally homes of a person who has died and did not bequeath their home to someone so the state will take over and administer the sale of the home. They could also be a home that the heirs have no intention of living in or keeping so they sell it. Buying this type of property is sometimes a good way to start building an interest in real estate. It is often possible to purchase these homes for sale at a reasonable price once the court system has completed the process of probate. There is a great deal of potential to resell these homes and make a tidy profit but there is also that chance that his might not happen, leaving you with property that cannot be some no matter how many improvements have been made.

Pros of buying probate homes for sale

• If there are heirs, they may be willing to selling the home for a bit less than market value because they want to get rid of it quickly.

• When you are able to purchase these homes for sale at a price lower than market value, it could make it easier to get the financing that you need to close the deal.

• With a lower price, it gives you some money to make a few improvements so you can resell it for a profit.

Cons of buying probate homes for sale

• Where these homes for sale are located could limit the number of buyers if you have bought the home and are trying to resell it for a profit. When the home is located in an area where many of the houses are rundown and look un-kept, or in an area with a high rate of crime you may be stuck with the home.

• If you do not have it inspected before purchasing the home you could find out that the plumbing and electrical systems needs to be completely restricted. This could lessen the amount of profit when resold.

• Although you paid less than market value and remodeled it you may not be able to sell it for a profit because of a soft home market where houses are not selling as fast as they should and for lower prices.

In conclusion

Before you purchase probate homes for sale take the time to have the property inspected so there are no unexpected repairs after you buy the home. Make sure that the structure is sound and the wiring and plumbing is up to date with the current standards. You should also check the neighborhood to see if other homes are well kept or rundown, which can help to determine if you can make a profit reselling the home.