Soft Second Mortgage Vs 125 Second Mortgage

I hear people all the time wondering about the difference between a 125 second mortgage and a soft second mortgage. These two second mortgage products are in reality two entirely different mortgage products that can do different things for each individual home buyer.

A soft second mortgage is essentially a kind of second mortgage that can be provided to people who may have had difficulty purchasing a home unless such financing were available to them. The soft second mortgage can provide the additional financing to cover the remaining costs of buying a home that may not be covered by the first mortgage. Soft second mortgages typically come with a lower interest rate than more conventional first and second mortgage loan products and for this reason many lower-income and borderline-income individuals do not hesitate to utilize a soft second mortgage when it is needed. Many different banks participate in such programs that make available soft second mortgages so look around and you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a lender that can work with you.

The 125 second mortgage is similar to the soft second mortgage in that it is a second mortgage product that can provide a home buyer additional financing for their home purchase. The similarities pretty much stop there though because a 125 second mortgage is pretty-much synonymous with a home equity loan or home equity line of credit that can allow a person to take out up 125 percent of their home’s value via a second mortgage. This mortgage loan is not about the lender’s income or difficulty in finding a home, and is rather based off of the equity that may be present in a particular piece of real estate. You should be aware that these types of 125 second mortgages have become increasingly difficult to come by lately due to the housing crisis, the credit crisis, and the entire weakening economy. You still have a chance at getting such a loan if you have equity in your property so apply away and see what happens.